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    • Rogan

      Short Break   02/10/2017

      Hi there, I am making this announcement to let you all know that development will slow down for about 2 weeks after tonight. This is due to myself moving back home to Ireland after a short vacation to see family. I will most likely be making 1 more update later tonight/tomorrow and that will be it until I return. Thanks and see you all soon.


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    • The current test server will be taken down over the next few days while we prepare for release. This will last until I return (See here). We will then have a an official relaunch of our community. Thank you all for your patience and I hope to see you when we return.
    • Below are a features we plan on implementing in the future.  - Survivor camp base-building (tents, barbed-wire, no invincible bulletproof bases). - Dynamic loot crate drops (in a tier system) - Dynamic spawn system (Chance of spawning in buildings or in a small tent/sleeping bag) - Overhaul of the Exile HUD/GUI More will be added over time so keep an eye out)
    • 11/02/2017 v0.2 - Removed: Player location marker on map
      - Added: Location is added to map is user has a GPS
      - Loot table completely redone from scratch. More items will be added over time. Needs to stay balanced. (Thanks to davidp234 on Discord for the help) Known Bugs: - Vehicles are not persistent
      - Military tents do not spawn loot (Do not know why, they have spawn points in the configs)
    • 10/02/2017 - Added: Loot more spawn points for the following buildings;
          - Barracks
          - Control Tower
          - Camo command center (camo building)
      - Removed: Red Skull on death location
      - Removed: Zombie spawn markers
      - Loot tweaked
    • 08/02/2017 v0.1.2.1 - Added: New zombie scripts/spawning system
      - Removed: Earthquakes
      - Removed: various weapons from spawn table
      - Removed: Exile airport drop (in-progress for proper drops)
      - Removed: Ambient fly-over
      - Temp Added: Zombie trigger zones on map (Zones need to be moved)
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