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      Esseker is LIVE!   07/14/2017

      Arma 3 Edict Presents the Esseker Map Port: 2312   THINGS TO KNOW!! Task Force Radio is REQUIRED which means installing the mod, enabling the Teamspeak plugin, and being in the Edict Teamspeak 3 during game play! Server restarts will be automatic every 4 hours. If you need support please click the "Support" link at the top of our forums to be directed to our Discord, or hop in our Support channel in Teamspeak!!   Happy hunting!


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    • Esseker v1.1 15/7/17 Changes: Added Option to see your player. For checking camo or to get a sweet snap of your charactor! Press '6' ingame to activate and deactivate it.  Removed Zombie Debug circles.  Tweaked the Nighttime length. We are hoping for the last 30mins to be dark to allow some nighttime play. (This is most likely be tweaked again after a community discussion/poll).
    • Esseker Released 14/7/17. V1.0
    • v1.3 Loot:  Added GP-25 HE/Smokes/Flares (i completely forgot to do this earlier my bad)  Added GP-25 & M203 Stun Grenade. Other:  Fixed a Problem where upon logging in, Leg dmg was set to overall Health, so logging out and in, would fix your legs. Fixed his issue so broken legs are now kept though disconnects and restarts.  Fixed a Bug where TFR would spawn everyone with the same radio. When 1 person updated the Frequency on this radio. It will update everyones to the same. TFR now gives everyone i unique radio upon spawning.     
    • V1.2  Changes:  Removed Following due to RHS bug causing bolt/pump action weapons to freeze clients game. M590A1 (long) M24 SWS (black) M40A5 (Desert) Kar98 Mosin Nagant Added the following guns to the loot table:  MP7 Rust / MP7 Winter AK105 Zenitco/b33 AK74M Desert AKS74UN RK95 HK416 D10 (m320) Mk20 M27 IAR(grip) M4A1 PIP M203s MK18 Woodland / MK18 Desert M4 CQB-R Glock 17 M1911 MP-443
    • v1.1 Malden.  Changes: Tweaked Loot spawning tables.  Fixed Camo barracks spawning normal military: Camo barracks now spawns Upper-Military. Fixed an issue with the time taken for zombies to despawn being over 20 mins. Will need tweaking. They now despawn 1-2 mins after leaving a area depending on server performance.  Fixed Map additions to the Map (Thanks Aethos). All new areas should be looking as intended. If you see anything out of place. (floating look, clipping objects) shoot me a discord pm with a Screenshot and rough area!
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